When you place an order with us, Shipping takes between 1 and 3 business days. Holdups at customs can cause a delay. But, since we do discreet packaging, customs will let the package through after inspection. We have all product in stock. Your order is shipped within 1 business days after we receive your payment. If your order does not arrive, we send you new product. For free!,

Your order will be packed in a sturdy, padded envelope. No reference to marijuana or Related marijuana products are made on the outside or inside. We use different sender addresses and do not use branded packaging. In the envelope you will find an item that contains your order.

If your order does not arrive, or gets seized, we will in all fairness ship your order again. For free! We have the following reshipping conditions. Buy og kush online Free reshipping takes place after 5 business days. Most packages arrive within 1 week and the ones that don’t, will be delivered in the following 1 week. International mail and customs can have various delays, hence the waiting period.

If you have entered an incorrect address (Like forgetting the apartment number), then we cannot reship for free. The address is printed out EXACTLY as you enter it, no manual actions on our side (unless you ask us to). However, we do not leave you standing in the cold, so to compensate you will get a code for a 50% discount on your next order. You can give an alternative address for the 2nd shipment. We will also use a different stealth method.

We stand by our Products, and are keen to give you the best experience possible! However, product are products from nature and can never be 100% dependable

Please follow the germination instructions exactly, before asking for a free reship.

Did more than half your order not germinate? We will resend your order immediately.

Did less than half your order not germinate? You can choose between a direct reship, or doubling the non-germinated product on your next order

Your product germinated, grew a bit and then the plants died? This can have many reasons, usually too little water or light. We cannot reship product for every plant that does not make it, there are too many outside factors involved. We offer expert advice on the grow marijuana.

We ship worldwide to all countries we receive orders from. We guarantee delivery in all of them


We ship to the rest of Europe

We do ship to these countries, but at own risk. If your package does not arrive, reshipping for free is not possible.

For other countries: delivery is guaranteed! So, if you live in for example the USA, Canada, UK, New Zealand, Australia, Italy or Germany delivery of your package is guaranteed by us.

It is your own responsibility to abide by your local laws. In practice: if customs stops a shipment, they might send you a notice. This has no legal consequences for you. Too many items are intercepted daily to follow up on. Then, product are quite low on a customs officer’s priority list. We will just send you new product in different packaging, with a different sender address. You can even supply us with a different receiving address.

Our shipping Disclaimer
In Colorado it is legal to buy and sell marijuana product. Visitors and customers of Cali Plug Farm are solely responsible for abiding to the laws of their own country. Cali Plug Farm Marijuana Dispensary does not accept any responsibility regarding legal or product liability. Cali Plug Farm Marijuana Dispensary does not interfere with the legislation of any country and only ships marijuana product on condition that they are solely used according to international, Federal, State and/or local law. Cali Plug 420 Marijuana Dispensary does not cooperate in any acts by others that are in conflict with the law.

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