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Posted on August 12, 2020

You get 1 Hybrid 500mg Live Resin expendable, Tropicana Punch, and 1 Indica 1000mgLiquid Diamonds cartridge, Pineapple Kush. If you looking for cake bar carts we got you covered.

Tropicana Punch takes our ongoing Tropicana Cookies Infused Pre-roll strain up a score with a cross to the unbelievable Purple Punch. A jeeters juice Live Resin offering, this strain wows on the breathe in with a mixture of orange, passionfruit, and sharp gooseberry notes, and offers exemplary sweet syrup flavor normal with Punch burdens on the breathe out. The smoke starts off with an electrical jolt energy that sinks into an unwinding, yet not quieting, actual body high.

Pineapple Kush is a cross between two mind blowing inheritance strains, Pineapple and Master Kush. Our Liquid Diamonds offering jeeters juice, Pineapple Kush has a breathe in overwhelmed by harsh pineapple and cream noticed that take a sharp turn on the breathe out towards the hot earth notes normal to Kush strains. The smoke starts off with a loose and euphoric cerebral feel that, notwithstanding the strain’s Indica status, never completely blurs into sedation; in any case, the going with body high set off at the last part of this tropical experience will keep you stuck to the sofa. Ideal for a film night.

jeeters juice
jeeters juice

famous weed brand Jeeter reports its introduction to coordinate to-buyer conveyance. Jeeter’s new D2C stage will highlight elite items that are just accessible through their web-based stage and in select retail customer facing facades.

The organization may be delivering exceptional release, restricted, cunning boxes of pot items for its D2C stage. The debut box offers a Live Resin vape, called jeeters juice, alongside a Liquid Diamonds cartridge and vape battery. Jeeter’s D2C stage follows the brand’s new send off of its Live Resin and Diamonds lines, as well as venture into two new states: Arizona and Michigan.

“We accept D2C is the fate of marijuana shopping in mature business sectors, similar to California,” says Jeeter’s prime supporter and co-CEO Lukasz Tracz. “We need to offer our clients items that are difficult to get at stores, due to long queues, in the solace of their homes. A great deal of our fans have been requesting this for a long while, and we tuned in.”


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